Monday, June 25, 2018

The Junot Diaz Controversy

WHAT have I been up to of late?

Much of my writing-- or I should say, blogging-- time has been spent covering the Junot Diaz controversy for the New Pop Lit News blog. I began the series of posts leaning one way-- then slowly turned toward the other direction as I looked deeper into the case. At that, there's more to say.

Here's my first post on the issue.

Then: "Will Junot Diaz Survive?"

Third: "Who Controls Literature?"

Fourth: "The Cult of Junot Diaz"

Fifth: "Monica Byrne: Who'dda Thunk It?"

Sixth: "Flash Update"

Seventh: "Unlocking the Junot Diaz Puzzle"

Eighth: "Hard Truths"

Ninth: "Today's War Between the Sexes"

Tenth: "The Monica Byrne Four"

Eleventh: "Mischievous Monica"

You'll find it's proceeded like a detective novel. Are we close to a solution?

I can immodestly claim that no one has covered the issue with as much depth, background, and context.


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