Thursday, August 26, 2004


Wherever one stands in this upcoming election-- I don't care for either major candidate (both products of the system with way more similarities than differences), the election campaign itself is interesting as a battle between Old and New media. Old (New Yorker, NY Times, major networks) is clearly on the side of Kerry. New (radio shows; internet blogs; the number one cable channel) is dominated by the Bush camp.

The swift boat story typifies the battle. Old media ignored it for a couple weeks-- but New media built up so much noise and pressure on their own, that Old eventually had to notice the story.

The lesson: the ULA, as an organization, needs to address both medias. We can make a lot of noise on-line, for instance (and through the mail, and through distributing our zeens), but it doesn't hurt to give a nod on occasion to the fossils, just in case they wish to increase their relevance by covering our movement, the only new and exciting thing happening in the lit biz.

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