Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Twilight Zone

I haven't heard from "Bryan Guski" in awhile. I wonder why?

Sorry, but the guy was getting too weird for me. One can deal with only so much insanity. Keep in mind that I know who he is-- he gave himself away early. Yet he became outraged at me for throwing his (fake) name around. Someone too caught up in the part he's playing.

As it was, his arguments became little more than personal attacks. Fine-- but do it in your own forum. "Guski" portrays Frank, J.D., and myself as fossils. (In 1920's Paris he would've described Stein, Pound, and Joyce as old, failed bottom-feeders.) He has, as always, a trendy mainstream-media perspective. It's a question of perspective. If we were politicians we'd be considered young; are just entering our prime. (At a good age to be leaders.) Walsh for one has more energy than any writer I've seen at any age. Those who've met Frank know this. The funny thing about it is that "Bryan" isn't that much younger. He talks as if he were twenty-five!

The loon also spends much time castigating me as a writer. Am I supposed to be very bothered? Those who've read "The Origins of the ULA" in Zeen Beat 3 (I had some old copies at Zinefest recently) will know that I don't portray myself as a writer in the piece, but as the organizer of the ULA, assuming the task of putting together a team of charismatic young writers. Though obviously I write, the role I slotted for myself in this project from the beginning was as promoter-- or "impresario," as the N.Y. Times referred to me. Duh! Which book of mine is Potter's ULA Press bringing out, I wonder? There isn't any! Golly, "Bryan," if the purpose of the ULA is to promote myself as a writer, something important is missing. Where are those manuscripts of which you speak? (Fortunately there are many fun and interesting writers in our organization.)

Sometimes I use computers at libraries, but I sure don't use them in psychiatric wards-- from where I suspect "Bryan" has been posting. (If I knew which hospital, I'd send him an "I Hate King Wenclas" t-shirt.)


King said...

In my opinion the guy was becoming increasingly creepy.
I step on stage to discuss the ULA, hearing a sudden unbalanced chuckle from a seat above me. It's the Insane Man in the Balcony, wrapped in straitjacket, rocking back and forth in his seat while staring with gleaming distended eyes.
"Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha. Wenclas, you dick! Can't deal with the rationality of my arguments, you old %##$^(*&^%)+*&$#@!!! Five years! You'll never get anyplace! Dictator! Name-dropper! Plimpton! Attacking New Yorker interns! You're just angry. Angry! ANGRY!!!!!!! Not like me. I'm perfectly sane. I just want peace, asshole! Paintballs! Where'd you get the hat! Ahahahahahahahaha!"

My question: How did the man in the straitjacket gain admission in the first place?

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