Thursday, October 12, 2006


Students sit in classes listening to tales of artists like Vincent Van Gogh. They hear how no one would buy his paintings; how he was scorned by artists and art critics of the time because his work didn't look like what others were doing. It looked sloppy. The "experts" thought he lacked training and art. Merely an unskilled rube; on top of that, a fanatic; a nut.

Students laugh at the idea that people then couldn't see what was right in front of their eyes. "Unbelievable," they say. "What conformity!"

After class they sigh. "Imagine-- being at the forefront of artistic rebellion and difference. Going a totally new way. Not accepting the mainstream. Being a leading member of a real new artistic movement! How great it would be to be part of something like that. Those were such exciting times-- not like now."

The students shake their heads regretfully, then hurry so not to be late to their next scheduled class.


Adam Hardin said...

Some guy won the Nobel Prize in Literature today. His books are largely out of print. The Nobel in Lit is good for five minutes of fame. Whether or not those five minutes are deserved is a different question.

Adam Hardin said...

But that guy, at least wrote a book that had a cultural impact on his country. What U.S. writers have balls(other than Rushdie who is now a limp cocktail puppet of the Literati)?

Brooklyn Frank said...

good point.

Jeff Potter said...

I saw a headline on yesterday in the entertainment section saying: "Indy film---not as DIY as it used to be." Showing an image of Quentin. I didn't follow it up. Seems obvious enough. Maybe someone else did here. Any surprises?