Monday, April 02, 2007

Radio Appearance

I would have preferred another ULAer like Frank Walsh-- or Wred Fright, Yarrow Regan, Crazy Carl Robinson, etc.-- have done this gig. Some people don't realize I'm just the promoter of the outfit! Our star writers are even better.

Naturally I gave it all that I had-- maybe too much for an NPR audience. I spoke strong satire and tried with my words and voice to burn down the house. (Kelly Writers House, that is!) The four other readers were fine, for the most part.

Those in the vicinity of Philly can hear the result this evening, 8 p.m., on 88.5 WXPN-FM.

(The Underground Literary Alliance IS the most exciting writers group on the planet. We prove it again and again. On April 22 we'll appear at The Underground, 3 pm, 40th and Spruce, not just myself, but with an entire card. The literary world has never seen anything like it.)

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King said...

I didn't hear the show myself-- had to work on my telemarketing job. I've been told by those who heard it that I was very good. (While the show was on, a new boss on my job was telling me that I'm "awesome" on the phone.)
Well, of course. There's a lot of talent in the ULA.
The pertinent question is why an obscure appearance with 24 year-old zine writers is the only radio gig a ULAer can get. Like many other ULAers, I'm a practiced performer with a lot of good material. Putting me on that card was like putting a major league baseball player in a game with high schoolers. The difference was apparent to the audience as soon as I opened my mouth.
There are a lot of questions concerning underground writers. Frank Walsh is one of the best poets in the country. Why isn't his poetry appearing in journals around the country? Why aren't Wild Bill Blackolive's novels published by a mainstream press? Why are many talented writers in this country being shut out or demeaned on a continual basis? Because we lack proper credentials? Because we don't grovel for anyone?
I sometimes feel I'm living a replay of the movie "Cool Hand Luke"-- the goal being to break the rebellious person, and if he can't be broken, then to shoot him.