Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Gone Underground

Hints about where I'm going ("parts unknown") and what I'm up to will appear here, or more likely, eventually, on the Literary Mystery blog.

Note: The ULA PO Box is temporarily suspended.

Have a happy Labor Day everyone.


Anonymous said...

What has happened recently? It's like you're slipping away into the big ether....

Hope you have a good Labor Day too and take care in those parts unknown,


fdw said...

Karl has been having a tremendous effect on the staid and insular literary scene here in Philly such as it is (as well as NYC-- after all why would a literary adventurer be in this provincial city in the first place, bottom line?) and will continue to do so through the repercussions as well as further direct activity-- the idea of "going deeper into the underground" is of course first of all "code" and besides in the deep East Coast one is also addressing the nature of how the creative passionate writer and ctting edge prime-mover operates INSIDE and RECHARGES and because of the threshold situation one such puts themselves in (to Be more "on") is the one then who CAN be at two or more places at the same time-- for real! Like the saint of folklore, like the beat-tified-- to go without leaving, to return without ever coming back!
It's all on record, it can be found in the book(s), the voice of reason raised by blazing trails in the Underworld, the writing speaks louder than words, the turning of the wheel!