Sunday, June 15, 2008

To the Monitors

As my "PEN" blog was so quickly cut down, before I had a chance even to announce it, I have to speculate that someone is monitoring my on-line actions-- for reasons I'll soon speculate about.

What do I do about this?

The only solution I see is to convert the monitors-- first by reminding them that the ideas the undergrounders represent are fully in keeping with the DIY attitude which founded this nation. Any objections I make to "Imperialism" are the kind that George Washington himself would make-- not to mention Tom Paine. I see the underground literary movement as a way to renew our culture, and thereby America itself. A most worthy project.

(Stay tuned also to my idea blog, )


Anonymous said...

What do you mean by "monitored"? Do you mean read?

Meanwhile, this leads one to ask about your monitoring of your those who read and comment on your site. Do you do this, track IP addresses and locations?

The poster known as "Harland" was the best thing going on this site, and now he's gone. Please explain how you learned his identity, or unmasked him? Were you monitoring his reading of your site?

Anonymous said...

Best to answer this over in the comments over at the import section, where the action is.

Anonymous said...

We might ask here: Mr. Karl Wenclas do you spy on your readers?

Anonymous said...

Nah. Otherwise he'd tell us what the letter is.

Anonymous said...

King, do you use spyware to track your readers locations and IP addresses?

In any case, Harland, nice to have you back.