Saturday, October 04, 2008

Obama: Revolutionary or Puppet?

The most informative scene of Barack Obama's autobiography is when he's sitting in a movie theater observing his mother's reaction to the film "Black Orpheus," understanding then the idealized, naive way she viewed black people. It's a revealing moment for him, and for the reader.

One thing Obama well understands is the mentality of the white liberal. It's how he's achieved what he has-- by presenting himself in the image of their ideal black leader. He understands the basic childishness of these people. In its way, it's masterful manipulation.

There's a rough honesty to the Republicans in that they're unabashedly-- unabashedly-- on the side of rich people. On this subject they use no smokescreens.

The Dems, on the other hand, stand ostensibly against the wealthy-- at least the upwardly mobile wealthy-- but are funded by the superwealthy and the hyperwealthy. It's why they can raise income taxes-- income taxes don't touch these people, who've already made their money, and anyway are adept at the use of tax dodges like foundations. One could raise the income tax rate to 100% and it wouldn't alter aristocrat lifestyles.

These aristocrats, up to billionaire manipulators like George Soros, have backed-- nay, created-- the Barack candidacy. How sure are they of the guy, given his early street-activist resume? Did his time at Columbia and Harvard ensure adequate brainwashing?

Maybe-- but then there are the lessons of history. Recall that the events of 1789 in France were set off by nobles like the Duke of Orleans who believed they could control change. They had supreme confidence in their manipulative abilities. Soon enough they lost their heads to the guillotine.

What do America's superwealthy want? World government, which is a euphemism for world slavery. Their agent to achieve this is Obama, whose mantra is that Americans need to "change the world," which is a euphemism for Imperialism.

Stampeded again! After the bailout, Bush and his Wall Street buddies-- along with ultra-rich landowner Nancy Pelosi-- were no doubt popping champagne corks and giving high-fives. Fool us once, shame on them. Do it twice-- shame on us.

The fix has been in for this election it seems, from the Big Guys behind the scenes who actually run the country-- using their tools the media-- but McCain, this year's designated loser, swayed from the script with his selection of "unvetted" wild card real person Sarah Palin. Polls showed him briefly in the lead. Thus, the quickly produced financial crisis to panic the populace and knock McCain back down to second place.

The question we must still answer about Obama, dear reader, is, which is he? Puppet or revolutionary?


Wred Fright said...

King, I'm baffled by your affection for Sarah Palin, unless it's based on looks. After 8 years of Bush, I've had enough nutty Christians (or faux nutty Christians) running the government into the ground. I'm not sure I'm going to vote for Obama, who more or more seems to be McCain Lite (supports the bailout, wants more troops in Afghanistan, etc.), but if he wins, then at least it'll be a step in the right direction. I think anymore we just have to work from the grass roots, regardless of who's in power, and nudge things in the right direction. In the meantime, there's always voting for third party candidates such as Baldwin, Barr, Duncan, McKinney, Moore, and Nader, all on the ballot in Ohio. None of them will win, but you can bet that if they get enough votes, the major parties (who are essentially empty vessels at this point), will adopt some of their ideas. As Churchill once remarked, "Democracy is the worst system of government, except for all the others."

King said...

Panic on Wall Street! People have never experienced a real bear market. (Or forget 1987 very quickly.)
Can everyone admit we were scammed for $700 billion?
What's the right direction, Wred?
To me it's a DIY small government, small business, anti-monopoly ethos, and Palin is the only major candidate who shows an inkling of that in her character, given that she's an authentic outsider from a wilderness state. Nominally a Republican, as Governor she's steered a course between (and against) both parties, as even the New Yorker acknowledged.
That her husband has flirted with outsider parties, or that Sarah's a gun rights nut, are marks in her favor. WOULD that we had a state of Anarchia to flee to, in the same way Davy Crockett fled the U.S., telling the system, "You can go to Hell, I'm going to Texas."
Both the Dems, or the Repubs under McCain, will lead this once-free nation further on the path toward more tops-down solutions and more tops-down control.
The straw man of the Christian Right is a bogeyman to keep liberals on the reservation; a left-wing Willie Horton. I'm tired of being played and stampeded by the corporate political parties and their corporate media lapdogs. For the record, I'm not on the Left or the Right, and refuse to be put in such Column A or Column B boxes. For the record, I voted for Ron Paul in 1988 and Ralph Nader in 2000. But third parties are excluded from the current system, through media exclusion, as thoroughly as the ULA is excluded in the literary realm. I'm done with it. I'm done with manufactured hysteria from both camps pushing us like sheep to the polls to give legitimacy to a scam system. I'm tired of scam artists on both sides of the aisle. I'm ESPECIALLY done with the media establishment, who are closed-minded fraudulent liars. That the media hates Sarah Palin is another mark in her favor. Plus that she's not a pod, but a real person. Do you prefer a robot like Hillary Clinton?
The question isn't why someone likes Sarah Palin, but why an obviously good person aroused an avalanche of immediate venomous hatred from the media and cultural worlds. It's a hatred of the common American people, with transparent class aspects, as I've pointed out. It's the same dismissive attitude the ULA faced, as a matter of fact, and is inherently UNdemocratic. (Imagine: a self-made candidate who didn't graduate from Harvard or Yale. Unheard of!)
If I were to ever put together another literary team, it would have to be twice as balls-to-the-wall as what went before, to fit my current attitude. But I'm done with that also; I'm done with the entire shitty business and probably shouldn't be posting at all!

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