Friday, February 27, 2009


The one guy who's reinvigorating the ULA, including bringing new blood into the organization, is poet Frank Walsh, through his activities in Florida and Philadelphia. Latest is a reading March 7th which he'll be hosting along with Mark Baird. I'll be there. Stay tuned here for details.

I've gotten the drift that many people see the ULA as going through a stagnant period. This perception can change very quickly with resumed activity. Everything in nature proceeds through waves-- including writers organizations; with lows and with highs. One thing which I believe is necessary is for the ULA's image to change, from being that of merely a collection of old white guys. From what I've heard, the 3/7 reading will go a long way to discrediting that notion completely.

Yes. Now more than ever. I note an article in the current issue of Poets & Writers in which MFA writer Amy Shearn bemoans the lack of writers "behaving badly." She claims that literary historians will have nothing exciting to write about this period.

I suggest she check out what non-MFA writers look like, and get a taste of their energy. She has time before next week to get to Philly. . . .

p.s. I'll be giving my advice to the ULA-- unsolicited by Tin Pot though it may be-- on how to keep the cause moving. I don't know if I have the time or incentive to be any more than an advisor to the organization, but I can at least be that.