Friday, May 22, 2009

The Literary Train

David Haglund, the Captive PENster whose integrity and independence are being held hostage by PEN American Center, discussed formerly underground and now dead Latin American author Roberto Bolano at the PEN's main blog at
This brings up an interesting point. Five years ago no one in the U.S. had heard of Mr. Bolano. Then one of the book giants decided to publish one of the man's novels, and initiated the usual p.r. assault. Dutifully, the ENTIRE conventional literary world followed along. It had suddenly become acceptable, even mandatory, to discuss the man. Literary critics and lit-journals like N+1 have since jumped to go along. It's a demonstration of the workings of the monolith.

In the same way, the monolith has decided to stonewall the Petition to PEN matter,
and all the many credible criticisms which have been made on this blog about the PEN organization. Obediently, the entire literary system, like cattle, follow orders. This alone proves many of my arguments.

Or as the bureaucratic maxim says, "When the word comes down, get on the train."

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