Monday, June 15, 2009

The First

Who'll be the first establishment writer to join the growing list of names at the Petition to PEN?

The person will have to be unconventional, daring, independent, forward-looking, and on the side of the underdog.

Is such creature out there among the legions of timid apparatchiks? I believe the answer is yes.

Join the noise. Help create a new literary world. --
bravest of the brave, boldest of the bold.

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King Wenclas said...

(Be sure to check out the link to photos now at the post "More Swanky Parties"-- which demonstrates the out-of-touch reality of New York's literary world. This as the industrial heartland is in collapse, and while the underclass even in a prosperous city like Philadelphia is on the verge of exploding-- as it nearly did a couple weekends ago. The social divide in America is enormous. . . .)