Friday, October 22, 2010

Now Up!: New Blog Posts

FINALLY at long last a new story at the American Pop Lit home of new pop literature blog—“”Fake Face versus Big Boy”—Part One of the Big Boy Saga, an exciting mini-novel.

Fake Face is of course a duplicitous and evil character in the fictional but not-so fictional city of Killtown, who was introduced in two previous stories on the blog. Now he’s back! With a formidable new antagonist.


ALSO: A brand new post at my exclusive restricted-access marketing blog, for serious lit-biz people, a few remarks about social media, in a post titled, “Social Media.” And other new insights.

Access is easy—you must ask to be invited.


Anonymous said...

Something funny happened on Noah Cicero's blog.

Someone wrote a review saying it's strange that Tao Lin is more famous than Noah, since Noah's a much better writer.

Then Noah wrote a post distancing himself from that review, saying how he didn't need to be famous, because he'd met so many awesome people through his writing . . . like Tao Lin.

Then Tao Lin commented and just said "sweet," or something stupid like that.

Tao almost never writes on Noah's blog anymore, so this was like a special reward for Noah's subservience.

For the fact that Noah basically said, even if he's a better writer, he knows his place in the lit-world pecking order.

mather said...

Yeah, that is hilarious. You should make a sit-com out of it.