Monday, July 18, 2011

Jelly Boy Writing!

Here's the link to what I believe is the only writing of Jelly Boy the Clown (Eric Broomfield) available on line, or maybe anyplace:

Publisher Jeff Potter promises that proceeds will go to Jelly's enormous hospital bills.

Get your copy now!


JeffOYB said...

Thanks for posting the link, KW. I'll send JB the proceeds however he likes. Just plain cash -- wrapped, zine style -- to JB is my default plan.

King Wenclas said...

I hope we generate some sales!
I've experienced Eric's writing only through hearing him read it at ULA events in the past-- straight from his hand-written notebook. The guy is truly a natural. Never took a writing class-- for good or ill is unspoiled and unaffected; Kerouac's or Whitman's natural man. Eric writes on buses, on sidewalks, on coffeeshops-- anywhere-- detailing his truly unique magical wonderful experiences, most of which include encountering the most bizarro American characters now extant. In other words, a unique slice of Americana. An experience worth plunging into.