Wednesday, April 11, 2012

First Occupy Novel?

Is The Tower the first novel inspired by, or in some way about, the Occupy Wall Street movement? To be honest, the Seattle protests of 1999 were as much of an inspiration, but I observed extensively Occupy Philly’s encampment at Philadelphia’s City Hall late last year, heard dozens of speeches, spoke with many occupiers, and saw first hand the enthusiasm of marches. I also noted the movement’s increasing disputes and divides. I took away much which influenced my novel’s characters, words, and ideas.

The Tower is not only about protest. Its themes go deeper. Much else is examined, including music and sports. Much of the narrative centers around a football team and its organization. A key set piece is a depiction of a game. In many ways the novel is about “the games.”

What am I blathering about? Order The Tower at Kindle or Nook Books and find out. The novel’s release date is right now.

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King Wenclas said...

A little searching reveals that The Tower isn't the first novel influenced by Occupy events. But it might be the best! Read it and find out.