Sunday, February 03, 2013

Crazy New Literary Blog

Ya know what? If I'm going to be labeled as "a maniac" by the literary establishment, I may as well start acting like one. What do I have to lose? The generosity and courtesy of establishment lit people?

I've therefore started an entirely new literary blog. Yes, this blog right here goes farther, in attitude and ideas, than any other literary blog or site out there. But I can push the envelope farther. See:

I may as well have fun with what I'm doing. Just possibly a few of you may have fun reading "The Literary Circus" also.

(If you like it, be sure to purchase my new ebook, "The McSweeneys Gang.")

For keeping up on the Pop Lit/ebook revolution, read:

For updates on restarting the ULA outfit read:

For hard critiques of the U.S "Crime City" lit scene:

I have new posts up at all three sites. Something for everybody.

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