Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Where's Our Culture?

The revelations of the horrors of the Kermit Gosnell case in Philadelphia should give persons of conscience pause, no matter what side of the issue they're on. It's caused me to wonder where we are as a society and culture in general.

Certainly, American attitudes and American culture are darker than they once were. There's a tone of complacency about life, death, humanity, which is approaching sociopathy. A lot of it stems from those who, indoctrinated by the academy, rigidly place ideology before humanity. One sees this in the abortion issue-- or should see it, whatever your stand-- in the corruption of thought and language through the use of euphemisms like "women's health" and "fetus" for what is at its core an abhorrent, horrific procedure. Especially when you get to where Gosnell was.

I wonder if the robotically-brainwashed Harvardite trendies at n+1 magazine are still selling their celebratory "I Had an Abortion!" t-shirts. At best, the procedure is nothing to celebrate. Under any circumstances it's more of a tragedy.

Stand back and look objectively at American culture, and you have to conclude it's far sicker than it was fifty years ago. Is this the result of underlying philosophies/belief systems? The triumph of Nietzschean-based postmodernism? (Our culture today is aggressively Nietzschean.) It's a question worth examining.

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