Sunday, September 01, 2013

Front Page Story?

The elite flagship newspaper The New York Times is getting more bizarre in pursuing some kind of crazy agenda which seems intent on dividing this country.

Case in point: This article by John Eligon which appeared on the front page of Friday’s Times. The article is about a white racist found in North Dakota, plying his trade in a metropolis of 24 people!

How hard did the New York Times and John Eligon have to look to find the guy? Yes, the individual is misguided; what he’s doing is terrible. But: the front page? Really?

What’s the point? What exactly are you trying to prove? Don’t you realize that the net result of such mainstream media bombardments of every example found of existing racism is to further divide this country? To further alienate the races?

I’m a native of the troubled city of Detroit and have seen the result of distrust between blacks and whites—what it leads to. As I’m back living in this city, whose hope is dependent on racial cooperation, I can only say to the New York Times and other agenda-following elite media outlets: Stop. Please.

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