Friday, December 20, 2013

The ULA Name

IF I’m to do anything again with literature—God knows why I’d want to—it would be with the Underground Literary Alliance name. Using it would be the only chance I or a project of mine would have to cut through the noise. There remains some brand equity in the name, due to its explosive reputation and its unparalleled history.

This, and my own proven abilities, are assets which could be used by alternative writers—or for any attempt to renew the scene. They would also be assets for ULA opponents. Let’s face it—the current literary scene is stale. Static. It defines the word stagnancy. The ULA throughout its history represented excitement; would be there to be used by the adventurous, if only in the role of villains!

Points that I’m pondering, in this downtrodden town—during my temporary visit—for the rats or the pigeons.

(Merry Christmas to one and all.)

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