Tuesday, December 27, 2005

The Skeptic

The dumbest of all the dumb statements made by our opponents was the complaint that we can't create a literary movement.

We can't? Why not? How else do they occur? Do they combust spontaneously?

Meet THE SKEPTIC, found throughout history.

When old he's the constipated slow-thinking neighbor shaking his head at everything done differently.

When young he's merely stupid.

Henry Ford in his Detroit workshop, building an automobile out of bicycle parts. The Skeptic looks on skeptically. "You can't do it," he proclaims. When Henry tells him he's going to manufacture them, the Skeptic knowingly disagrees. "No one wants them. No one will buy them. There's no demand, and you can't create it. It'll never work."

The Skeptic is a typical contemporary product brainwashed by contemporary media to be an amoeba. Evolution is a fine theory for the universe but it doesn't work for human beings. Wait for society or culture to change of themselves and after a million years something might happen. Quicker to change things yourself.

I heard that Kwanzaa was invented by some guy in 1966. "Can't do that," the Skeptic tells him. "Not allowed!"

Yeah, except some guy founded the Mormons in the 1800's. Some guy founded Islam about 600, some guy founded Christmas before that. Some impatient guys founded rock n roll, punk, movies, personal computers, you name it. Everything we have around us was invented or founded by someone.

The Skeptic stands skeptically to the side, pondering. "Can't do it," he decides. "You just can't!"

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