Friday, February 03, 2006

Questions About Nasdijj

Doesn't a writer like "Nasdijj," who had a Monday Report on our site under a phony name, when attacking a corrupt society, have an obligation not to misrepresent himself? Don't activist writers have an obligation to be BETTER than our foes? I've always argued "Yes" to these questions.

At the same time, Nasdijj's words and message are necessary-- they should be heard. Would that he'd been honest to begin with.

(Re Challenges. The ULA has accepted all challenges-- the only question being the time and place. Myself, I prefer debating in person. Anyone is welcome to meet me in Philly at any time-- in a saloon or coffeeshop or open-air park if need be. We'll debate anything or you can try reading against me. We have a line-up of other ready participants. Whatever the challenge, whatever the case, things can be arranged. Just give us some days to adjust our schedules-- we don't just lounge around some coffeeshop or behind a computer screen all day. Thanks.)

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