Saturday, December 01, 2007

ULA Opportunities

2008 will be a good year for the ULA because the entire game board is open to us. Right now, Chicago is an open city-- a huge prize without the obstacles we've faced in the east. We have a base of sorts in Chicago-- a few great members; a couple media contacts-- but we need to strengthen it. I'm well-positioned in Detroit to access both Cleveland (a ULA base) and the jewel waiting to be taken that is Chicago. This I'll be doing.
(p.s. There's a great "ULA Monday Report" by Chicago-area writer Adam Hardin at Check it out.)

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FDW said...

Adam Hardin's Monday Report up on ULA central is great!
Succinct and piercing he puts into perspective the mannerism (really decadence) of the post-post modern posers whose modus operandi is nothing about craft as much as accumulative kapitalism.
Personally I see the word Kraft in the sense of witchcraft even alchemy as the true quality of real underground super-naturalism that the reader is "seduced" by in ULA writers and writing for example, in contradistinction to the "craft" Adam's blowing the whistle on!
Check it out at