Tuesday, December 04, 2007


Apparently a coup of sorts has taken place within the ULA, which has left me with no say in the organization I created. Consider me under internal "house arrest" at the present time. (Whether I can reverse this remains to be seen.)

In the meantime I'll be practicing my spoken word presentation-- instead of always winging things-- in preparation for becoming a solo act!


BradyDale said...

Are you serious?

Man, that's nuts. I mean, King, I don't think you're all-wise or anything... but this underground literary movement just keeps dividing against itself. It's so nuts!

We are our own worst enemy. I've said it to our people before and I'll say it again: we are defeating ourselves with this crap.

I don't care what the other side of the story is, I haven't supported a single split, ouster or ambush and I never will.

jimmy grace said...

Couldn't happen to a nicer guy.

FDW said...

See how wishy washy brings out the bottom feeder right up the ass of your post. Does that tell you anything?
There is no division until division enters otherwise there are distinctions, most truly between that which creates and that which feeds on creation and destroys an endless cycle. The worst is being muddled righteously and ideologically misdirected.
There's no division like in being a republican or a democrat but a very deep chasm between those who shine and those who do not shine. Any one in between should remain to the side and go about their lives whether they be just indy writers or the baker street irregulars.
The ULA is not just about being an indy-writer but it can be that too if the writer is integritious along all their points of engagement with the field of play. the other members of an alliance coming to the defense and support of each comrade in need and public access.
A reason that there is a distiction between active-members and supporting members?

King said...

Hold your fire, Frank. I want Brady on our side.
There's much more to come, kids. . . .

BradyDale said...

Don't worry about it. I'm not easily flustered. Look, I'm on the side of renewed literature. That's what effing side I'm on. So if indy writers are attacking an indy writer, I'm on the side of the one being attacked.
We'll talk more off-line, naturally.
It would be nice if everyone came back together though. I know if might feel weird for some people, but,
how we feel as individuals is irrelevant. What matters is how we relate to the public. The public still watches King and while we might get a few jibes for reuniting, the fact that it happened would scare the crap out of the big guns.

FDW said...