Friday, September 19, 2008

David Foster Wallace

In my opinion, DFW pushed the envelope of overintellectualized postmodernism, and paid the resulting price.

Too much writing burns out fuses in the brain, which has happened to me of late. Trying to read DFW's style of work gives me a headache. I couldn't imagine writing it.


scofflaw said...


FDW is a much better poet than DFW. It is a work that embodies the Modernist spirit and conciet. Limited by the censorship and ecomoic genocide the Literary Establish is not above deploying to create the spectacular hype that the cynicism and condescension of the Great Lie. Modernism populist and experiential answers to the inhuman and machine like corruption of people and cultures that the movemnet is not dead but alive and kicking in the living culture despite it being marginalized and assigned to the undeground a place where human vitality and (literary) innovation is in fact a place of renewalS, as witnessed and recorded by KING on this Blog and by the ULA in large part for example.
The only thing Wallace fosters is the post and post post modernism
factory system of the academics and the Establishment elites, a ruse to make arears appear that their monopoly is deserved and at the top of the food chain and is the result of literary and cultural vodoo evolution FROM modernism.
But, "The rumors of the death of Modernism is greatly exagerated" and hey what the hell the Rennaisance in Europe lasted like over two hundred years what's up with Modernism. Likewise in R there was early R middle R and late R. So goes the paralell say with Modernism. The underground lit and crit of now is Middle Modernism suppressed by totalitarian corruption!Interesting besides that most art historians would call the Elizabethean/ early Jacobin era in Enland the fruition of the Rennaisance. And that in literature especially the plays of Shakespeare and Caldern in Spain. Amd poetry then at all costs!

Harland said...

Of late?

FDW said...

Allow me to clarify (this Scofflaw charcter is always trying to stir up trouble and should limit itself to things political and whistle blowing regarding the corrupt and disconnected legal system in particular-- suffice to say FDW is not Scofflaw and Scofflaw is not FDW ).
What is being put forth here is that the literature and the arts showing up in the underground is modernist, ie. for the sake of convenience "trickling down" and having done so into the wide and grounded fields of the democracy among more and more and such and such-- especially when what is claimed by the academic and publishing elites in this country for their "post- modern" brand was alredy shaken down by the early modernists ( by Joyce and Pound say single handedly!). So that in effect when one opens their eyes there is good chance taken the parallel chronic'ly that like the Renaissance Modernism is a long term cultural aesthetic and is hardly over-- whereas that it is is an artifcial construct that is agendized and designed to promote experiment and stylistic boondoogles by the Established, the symbol of which can best be illustrated by the 215 festival in Philadelphia, which is and has been a trojan horse to pull the wool over the eyes of people stroke the MFA factories like Penn and allow for the coopting, marginalization destruction of Philly's own lit anmd art underground.
In my travels and then when time permits the imbibbing of the cultural literary undergrounds invarious parts of the country and then being up close and reading and watching the autists and writers and poets in the ULA is the basis of my passionate conviction and then there's the indepedent bookstore and the Aquarian kids (besides being a hopeless crazy Amodernist myself.
Say if one reads Big Jack's BUKOWSKI NEVER DID THIS, Kostecke's WASTED ANGELS, besides FAT ON THE VINE, TALES FROM THE TEXAS GANG, THE PORNOGRAPHIC FLABERGHASTED EMUS,etc. and watches and listens to Matt and Eric Broomfield, in action, gets hooked on Cynthia Ruth Lewis's poetry, like wise on Tom Hendicks, Mark Sonnefield, and Rita Webb, etc. and being being as well read in Modernism as I am--- from the early seventies on--- and one is really interested in literature as an indicator and a doorway into THE WAY THINGS ARE and not a freak'n' philandering hypocrite, then the reader/writer the common one (not the "average" one of the cooked up statistical bent polls bell curve)which is the foundation of our demoracy and still might be its resistence at least its redemption in the end then yes this is middle- period modernism here and now.

Hey, it's Calderon who with Lope De Vega extendend Renaissance high lit deep into the 17th century, that Scofflaw acts before he thinks I'm afraid!