Tuesday, September 30, 2008

More Palin

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King said...

What amazes me-- though it shouldn't-- is the way the so-called Left in this country is mocking Sarah Palin for being a-- gasp!-- common person. Aren't they supposed to be FOR the little guy?
Yesterday I heard on the radio Stephanie Miller, a child of privilege, unmercifully attacking Palin for her roundabout way of getting a college education, at several lesser-known colleges. Miller had a field day with this and with the colleges' names.
Uh, Newsflash, Stephanie: Sarah Palin paid for her own education, and like many average folks attended WHEN SHE COULD. In fact, she entered and won the infamous beauty pageant for scholarship money, which she obtained.
I've come to the conclusion that there is a segment of the U.S. culturati that is so out of touch with their own country that regular Americans come as a total surprise to them.
This was of course the case with NY's literary establishment earlier this decade when they encountered the Underground Literary Alliance.
I believed we'd be successful with these people, would win them over, because after all they're all to a person good "liberals" concerned about the common person. Or so I thought. Not so! Phonies, one and all.
Their actions now serve only to discredit, by association, their candidate with ordinary Americans. He seems a nice enough guy, but to have the entire blinkered and incestuous media establishment on his side gives one pause. . . .