Monday, April 27, 2009

Re Blackolive

If anyone is serious about nominating novelist Bill Blackolive for PEN membership, as I've suggested, they can email me at this blog's email address for contact info; OR, can contact Bill through his publisher, Jeff Potter, of ULA Press/OYB Books, using links on the left to either ULA or ULA Press. This shouldn't be difficult.

I'm leery of giving Bill's contact info here openly, if it will cause him to be a target from the same characters who regularly have gone after me in various ways: "The Daniel Handler Gang" you could call them, including not simply Mr. Handler, but a collection of bozos including "Harland," "Roody McDoody," "Toast," Terri Wilson of Cincinnati, and likely a few others.

Getting Bill PEN membership would be nice (though C.S. has assured us he would NOT get it), but would leave things as is. The idea is to change PEN from top to bottom to make it responsive to writers-- all writers in this nation.

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