Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Hipsters II

Well, I went to a bookstore and opened the "Twenty Under Forty" New Yorker issue, found a spread of drawings of the twenty writers and discovered-- HIPSTERS! To a person, each with the same smug cherubic patented hipster expression, as if they were en masse about to gentrify a neighborhood.
In the past I've been challenged to discuss art and ideas, in objective fashion. Okay-- let's read the stories in the much-hyped issue. I'd like to see your honest assessment of them. I've read several of them so far and formed some opinions. But I want to know what you think about them.

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King said...

That the literary establishment is out of touch, insular to the max, is evidenced by the Charles McGrath article on Ann Beattie yesterday, in which he calls Beattie "the most popular and admired writer of her generation. Every other week, it seemed, she had a story in The New Yorker."
Well, in that case, Mr. McGrath, her popularity is beyond dispute.
(The "most popular" writer among New Yorker readers anyway.)