Saturday, July 03, 2010

Be a Literary Pioneer


No one disputes this, though few wish to publicly acknowledge it. Even if the audience for literary stories were truly healthy, and not kept on artificial life support through universities and nonprofits, the literary story writer would be one of 400,000+ other literary writers whose product is pretty much the same as yours. Those aren’t very good odds. The alternative is to create a different, better product.

The place to do this is at the American Pop Lit blog— —where the writer becomes one of less than a handful of daring story writers willing trying to create a new pop story model. A much better mathematical ratio, ya know, accompanied by the satisfaction of blazing a different path. Once you accept using a pop/plot framework, with readable prose, the experimental possibilities become endless. Try it. History remembers the pioneers of an art, not those who blindly follow stagnant things-as-they-are.

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