Monday, July 26, 2010

Why Movies?

"There comes a time to turn mother's picture to the wall and get out."
-Brad Dexter in "The Magnificent Seven"

Why am I discussing movies? Why not? Literature is a closed shop. The lit world is impervious to change. There's no room whatsoever in literature for new ideas. Even so-called "outsider" writers fear change and run from new ideas. There's certainly no room in the Lilliputian world of literature for myself. Literature to me is a dead art. I'm therefore looking for other arenas in which to express my talents.


King said...

Anyone catch Jonathan Franzen's essay on birds in The New Yorker? Supposedly one of America's great writers. Can things possibly get worse than they are now?

Shelley said...

Really? You see more originality at the Cineplex than at the library?

But I understand the discouragement.

James Nowlan said...

But isn't the movie business a closed shop as well? If you know some way that it might be more open I'd like to know.

King said...

My interest in movies is strictly as a fan.