Saturday, February 19, 2011

Writing About Revolution

GIVEN that literary aristocrats right now in their cluelessness are holding contests about revolution—500 words max (yeah, you can get a lot that’s relevant into that!)—I’ve begun a 10,000 word story/novel on the theme of revolution. The tale will take place within a large American city on the east coast. It will have several diverse characters, fast pace, and great scope. It’s focus won’t be inward, as in most of today’s lit fiction, but will offer a stepped-back point of view. The characters’ thoughts and motivations will be expressed through dialogue and action. They’ll be conveyed through the setting itself. (The first third of the story will be posted someplace within a couple weeks.)

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King said...

We seem to be living in revolutionary times.
Anyway, I did 5,000 words last week on this story and am not a third of the way through, so figure more than 10,000 words for it. The rest of the going will be slower, as I've created many plot threads and now have to figure out how to tie them up.