Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Dagny Taggart and Feminism

The extensive hatred shown toward the “Atlas Shrugged” movie from liberal critics, so out of proportion to its message and impact, is strange indeed when one looks at it from a global perspective. Ayn Rand was very much within the parameters of secular, liberal society—if on the neoliberal end of that narrow spectrum. Liberal secularism is adhered to by a distinct minority of the world’s population.

Where is feminist opinion of the flick? The Best Actress Oscar this year went to Natalie Portman, who played a weak, disturbed character in a movie of weak or disturbed women characters. Is this the model? By contrast, the Dagny Taggart character played by Taylor Schilling in “Atlas Shrugged”—intelligent and self-assertive—should be a feminist’s dream. Obviously, something else is going on.

It tells me the extent to which feminism has allowed itself to become part of a narrow orthodoxy, in which if you deviate in one part of acceptable thought, you’re guilty in total. Liberalism itself has become an orthodoxy. Seeing that the term once meant the acceptance of a wide variety of viewpoints, one has to wonder whether the liberal concept any longer has meaning.


Anonymous said...

um.. what?? The right wing has been successively brainwashing this country for the past two decades. Seems like you're contributing to that. Liberals don't like Ayn Rand for obvious reasons, ie she is anti-liberal. It has nothing to do with feminism.

Keith Otis Edwards said...

Geez, bro’. Yer giving me a brain cramp here. Which dogma is more rigid and uncompromising? Feminism or Objectivism? Both, of course, are based on lies and fantasy, but which doctrine is more hypocritical and sanctimonious? Both were the product of a female mind, but which book is written in the more tortured style? “Atlas Shrugged” or “The Female Eunuch”?

The very idea that there is only a choice between Objectivism and feminism is a spectre so appalling and hellish, that I will likely spend the night on the floor with the light on for fear of falling out of bed at an apparition of Ayn Rand or Andrea Dworkin.

Anonymous said...

Feminism is "based on lies and fantasy." You are an idiot, and most likely a misogynist.

Atlanta Roofing said...

Actually I am surprised you enjoyed it without having read the book. To be honest, I would actually recommend against seeing the movie if one has not read the book. Yes the book is a difficult read as you can't read it as you would a mass market paperback. In order to understand Atlas Shrugged, the book must essentially be studied.