Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Purchase the New


I've long talked about the need to create a new kind of fiction, beginning with the short story, in order to reinvigorate the art-- in order to get the mass public reading literature again. The task has been for writers to create not stale bland "literary" stories which stir and entertain no one, but instead, to yawp out in a good old American writer way stories which rock.

Undergrounders, especially from the "zine" scene, have been doing exactly that for a number of years.

Many of the best of these writers can be found in a new compilation of writing from one of the best lit-zines of the past ten years, The Whirligig. Editor Frank Marcopolos is now selling this compilation as an e-book at his site. Please click on the link at the left of this blog page to read more about it-- and to order your copy.

Do you want to read the new? Do you wish to discover a fresh alternative to the same-old same-old? Here is where you start.

I hope to have a few of my own ebooks available for sale as soon as possible-- if I ever master the difficulties involved in setting one up!

Remember: The future of literature belongs to those who create it.


JeffOYB said...

Congrats to Frank on his new effort!

(I suggest also releasing a Kindle edition on Amazon. Go to where the people are! That's where I'm headed with ULA titles.)

To keep this DIY snowball rolling, here's a link to an amazing free movie on YouTube: "DIY or DIE" --

Frank Marcopolos said...

Thanks, Jeff. I appreciate your support.