Thursday, June 16, 2011

Why Economics?

Why have I covered matters of economics? Why have I stated affinities with libertarian Tea Party folks?

First, because I continue to have a DIY roots Do-It-Yourself mindset, which sets me apart from the vast majority of writers and literary experts.

Second, the situation American literature is in now, and how it will be rescued, is a matter of economics.

American publishing and literary thought now: The worst aspects of crony Capitalism and tops-down socialism, merged. A handful of media monopolies cranking out a mass of thoughtless commercial pablum junk, with the prestige happy face slapped onto the machine of unreadable overrefined literary product. Both ends of this mess: tops-down, detached, and in their essence, uncompetitive. Uncompetitive now with other aspects of the culture. (See Lady Gaga.) Ultimately, if new free-booting entrepreneurs emerge, the stagnant status quo we have should prove uncompetitive with the dynamic new.


Jimmy the Hyena said...

The tea party looks more like astro-turfing than grass roots to me. If what their pushing goes through it will give more power to the already too powerful.

King Wenclas said...

Keep in mind that I'm talking about the libertarian wing of the Tea Party-- those like Rand Paul who'd go after government contracts, government cronyism, tax shelters and tax breaks and all the tricks that allow the wealthy and powerful to scam the country and UNlevel the playing field. His plan would start defunding the Defense Department, for instance, and go after the scores of military bases the U.S. maintains, at great expense, overseas.
We've seen that the Dems are no different from establishment Repubs on foreign policy questions.
But who controls the Tea Party? That question remains to be answered.
There's no doubt that establishment Republicans would like to control it.
What about Ms. Palin? I take a lot of flack, even from friends, for saying an occasional good thing about her. I believe she's a genuine loose cannon-- which means, not bought-and-paid-for.
The 24,000 emails of hers bolster this. She spent much of her time as governor fighting with members of her own party, and with oil companies.
Why does the System spend so much time trying to discredit her, and not, say, Mitt Romney? (Or Barack Obama.)
As I've said previously, my experience is that the so-called liberal media are
A.) complete frauds.
B.) hostile to anyone not part of their special club.
I've seen how they're able to distort the image of a person.
Truth has no meaning to them-- only Power.
Here's a good starting point for picking candidates, whether on the so-called Left or the so-called Right.
Find the one who didn't attend Yale or Harvard.
(Pardon my cynicism.)