Monday, October 31, 2011

The Motivation of a Toothache

What's my motivation for renewed noise against the literary elite? (Aside from their blatant corruption and obvious phoniness, their absent morality and fraudulent ideas, and my need to get word out about my ebooks?)

Right now I have a toothache which causes constant stress and aggravation. I'm not sleeping. If you have no insurance, and no money, seeing a dentist is an unreal dream.

I had a tooth like it a year ago. Eventually the tooth broke up and fell out, not without a certain amount of pain.

Poor writers in this country are in a race of time to see what happens first: you die, or all your teeth fall out.

Here's hoping that the tooth at least makes for some strong writing!
(To read strong writing, purchase Crime City USA, available as an ebook. Or, for more subtlety, try Mood Detroit.)

Reality America. You'll find no stronger and relevant writing anyplace. Writing the literary elite fears to read.

1 comment:

Jenna said...

You’re fortunate not to feel any pain at all when your tooth fell out. We can only hope that the same would happen to other kids when they lose a tooth. =)

Jenna Schrock