Thursday, April 11, 2013

More Press for Russian Dissident


Here’s another article about Russian literary dissident Kirill Medvedev:

Kirill Medvedev, currently paraded on display in the U.S. by the elitist literary journal n+1, has become a kind of circus animal cynically used by representatives of American literary cronyism and publishing monopoly. (Kirill: You’re being used.) I fear the reasons for this go beyond the effete Harvard crowd seeking credibility by association with him. The motives may have to do with support for an aggressive U.S. foreign policy which sees contemporary Russia not as potential ally, but as an opponent. Shades of Encounter and Partisan Review. In this instance n+1 is following the pattern of its intellectual role models.

What’s indisputable is that Russian literary dissidents receive far more favorable treatment by the U.S. literary world than do American literary dissidents! Speak up about corruptions in the American literary system and you become swiftly blackballed.

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