Sunday, April 28, 2013

The Third Way

Many rail against corporate media—as I have—and corporate everything. An easy target. The question is: What do you replace it with?

For too many the objective seems to be Bigger Government. Top heavy bureaucracy. Yet this was tried in the Soviet Union and other places and failed.

Literature is stagnant because the choice seems to be between Monopoly Conglomerate mass market lowest-common-denominator junk, on the one hand, and NEA, university, and tax shelter-backed “literary” craftings on the other, which are as stagnant, and as junky, in their own way.

The third way is to decentralize. Not Big Government, Big Conglomerates, or Big anything. A freer and more open marketplace accommodating a wider variety of choices and new, unorthodox ideas. Neither running away from the market, nor dominating it. Letting it breathe. Idealistic, sure, but with the rise of ebooks, not completely naive.

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