Sunday, January 22, 2006

A Culture of Possibilities

Why the ULA?

I was walking along Pine Street, toward Broad, coming from the direction of the Last Drop and Dirty Frank's. The sidewalk was filled with college students. (Philadelphia is a "young" city in this regard.) On a porch sat a young man strumming an acoustic guitar in a folk style. I was reminded of the Johnny Cash movie I'd seen-- how fifty years ago a populist folk revolution in music was beginning.

In music, those days are over. That revolution took place-- maybe one or two others besides. With the wholesale absorption of every musical form and genre by the conglomerates, possibilities for the independent musician have narrowed.

For the independent writer, however, they're beginning. While legions of factory-trained conformist-sounding MFAers are jammed within the narrow entrance of the temple of the status quo, next door open and welcoming is the new house of the Underground Literary Alliance. We offer a new way to be a writer. Our history is in its infancy, as we create populist folk literature which will rescue literature.

Drop that guitar!-- all those who seek to make cultural history; to be part of cultural revolution. An art form is being re-thought and re-born in front of your eyes; not music, but literature. Put aside your pianos. Pick up pens instead; express yourselves in self-made zeens and join our cause.

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