Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Re-Radicalizing the ULA

The status quo will not give underground writers anything voluntarily. This fact existed before the ULA arrived on the scene-- it would certainly be the case were we not around.

Underground writers are being disrespected in San Francisco. They're being disrespected here in Philly. (I'll be writing about three separate incidents involving Frank Walsh, novelist Lawrence Richette, and local character and activist Eric/"Professor Malerkus.") They're being disrespected everyplace.

The only way to be accorded fair treatment in this society is to DEMAND it. People have no idea how aggressive my newsletter was in the 90's, or the detailed exposures of corruption I sent to editors and press in 2000-- which got many of them to our Feb 2001 press conference at CBGB's. In comparison, over the past two years the ULA has been playing defense. If we remain static we'll be picked apart, piece by piece.

We should be shaking up the media world far more than we do now. WE should be the ones going onto lit sites engaging in argument, as we once did-- calling insulated media types on their inaction and their ignorance. The only leverage we have in this society is our ability to make noise. It's time we began again doing so.

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