Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Beat Down

Many people don't realize the original use of the word "beat" by the Beats was in the sense of feeling beat; i.e., tired; knocked down by life. Bedraggled, used, and abused. Gray sky broke unemployed tired-feet pavement pounding; disrespected, disoriented, no food no cigarettes can I bum a ride? They were society's misfits and knew this and felt it their every living moment. Those who will not or cannot conform to the demands of the System (oppressive then in the Fifties; many times moreso now).

I wonder how possibly "beat" could be the successful establishment Overdogs celebrating Howl's fifty-year anniversary April 17th? One can speculate.

Jason Shinder's toy poodle has sniffles and needs to be taken to the veterinarian.

Ann Douglas is miffed because of the lateness of the carpet cleaners.

Professors Lopate and Doty are having frustrating times
keeping students awake during the seven hours total of classes they teach a week. Reaction to their stale poetry has been less than dazzling. ("You blow!" comes a remark from the back after one session of professorial preening.)

Rick Moody meanwhile is depressed over a smudge of mud on one of his limousines. He's considering therapy.

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Ricky Joe Sanchez said...

Yep, Jack and the whole bunch woulda never got peanut jobs if they would have had to pee in a cup!