Monday, March 06, 2006

Not Politics-- Reality

To reference Tony Christini's recent "Monday Report" at the ULA's site: Speaking for myself, I've not wanted to inject politics into literature, only naturalistic reality-- truths about this country.

I have not a political agenda, but a literary one.

For instance, many of the nation's most affluent writers insist on referring to themselves as middle-class, while believing this is a classless society (it's anything but; the differences between how people live are gaping). Anything that then conflicts with this mythic belief has to be wiped out by them; removed from their sight.

It's of a piece with the attacks on homeless people recently (another beaten and set fire to yesterday). Those raised in privilege willfully refuse to see the stark inequities of our civilization. For writers-- those whose view should be unflinching-- to have this mindset is one reason why literature has become irrelevant to our time.

To answer Christini's final query of whether or not anyone will publish polemical fiction: To ask the question is to buy into the monopolistic status quo. The solution is to publish, market, and promote ourselves. This is what DIY thinking means; the foundation of ULA philosophy.


Patrick S. @ RedFez said...

To Tony's credit, he has started his own press (linked at the bottom of his Monday Report).

Monday Report Box

Pat King said...

Pat King sez,

Indeed. And I recieved an advanced reviewers copy of a book he published called, "Point of no Return." Great read. Review coming up in Cathedral #3.