Friday, April 14, 2006

Frank Walsh on Live Radio!

If he makes it past the screening, ULA's mad poetic-genius Frank Walsh (aka "The Masked professor") is scheduled to be on WNYC radio today; New York's public radio station: on AM, FM, and Sirius satellite radio-- on the web. Frank's supposed to be on the Brian Lehrer Show for ten minutes sometime between 11:30 and noon; 11:40 most likely. Don't miss it!


King said...


I was just informed that Frank's appearance will not be a quick ten minute interview, as we were led to believe. He'll apparently be debating Jason Shinder, one of the fake "Howl" people. I had several conversations with a WNYC producer through the course of the day yesterday and was not told of any of this.

Nice that Jason Shinder has finally condescended to deal with us-- only AFTER we made some noise. This is how American literature works, people. Approach the Overdogs hat in hand and you'll never be acknowledged. One has to have leverage before sitting down with them at the table.

I promise you, this is only Round One of the debate.

King said...

(p.s. Again, pure hate remarks from anonymous posters on this blog won't be tolerated.
Bring your identity to the table, please. Thanks.)