Monday, April 17, 2006

Fuck the Canon!

Art Belongs to Everybody.

I haven't listened to the WNYC discussion yet, but I'm told that Jason Shinder said it's too late to rescue "Howl" from the Overdog cataloguers to give back to the populace; he said the poem is part of the "Canon." It's already been taken up the long stairway at the museum, carried into an airless room smelling of mothballs, then placed carefully inside a hermetically-sealed glass case. They've got it! It's theirs and they're not giving it back.

It's time for Bastille Day; time to smash all the glass cases to rescue their artistic prisoners-- to rescue the artistic prisoner these jailhouse gatekeepers have made of literature, which sits chained yet ready in its lonely cell like the Man in the Iron Mask.

Free the Beats!

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