Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Underground NOW

NO fossilized memories lapsed
no comfortable trust fund hangers-on
who jumped on the Beat bandwagon
when the key founders were corrupted, co-opted, or gone;

NO designated set-aside protest areas
regulated dissident zones
of tenured professors
defanged and neutered
leashes brought from home;

NO daring Beat revolutionaries fighting the System
in the hinterlands, where it doesn't matter,
Cape Canaveral
rocketship to Pluto, searching there for the Establishment;

NO inert fake po-biz foes barking
bravely on computers
in their bedrooms
bunny-rabbit slippers
by 2040 they'll be ready to move
(Make that 2047, if all goes well);

NO waiting for revolution
meanwhile being jelloed
into quivering dessert;

NO past, no tomorrow
Only April 17th at Columbia
Underground NOW!


A. Swift said...

NO talent, no wisdom, nothing to say
no readers, no publications
unless you count the stuff we do at the photocopy shop
which we mail to each other because otherwise it would just pile up

NO ideas, no inspiration, no girlfriend
or, you know, boyfriend, let's say in the spirit of inclusiveness
only the parents who let us live in the basement

NO art, no craft
jack shit for brains
only an instinct for publicity
not much of one really
but it's better than nothing

or is it?

M.D.G. said...

Lol, now that is good! Swift sees through you man. Whoever it is they must know you. Well I'm off to Cape Canveral. Wish me luck.

King said...

Well, we're better than someone who posts anonymously-- at least we exist!
(You can see us April 17th.)
p.s. Nice to see MGD siding with the Overdogs!

King said...


He prowls the streets with tempers' glare,
Righteous, welcoming fight without a care
Say hi to him if you dare!
Miller Genuine

You wonder what it is he seeks,
as he goes barreling down the streets
Cause? Clamor? No-- only his missing cds!
Miller Genuine

Priorities remain to him a must;
Revolution's put at the back of the bus!
His personal whims are what he trusts
Miller Genuine

Call him Lenin! Call him Trotsky! Call him Robespierre too!
Rebel poetry is what he set out to do,
You'll find him now hiding in Timbuktu!
Call him Miller Genuine.

(chorus) Oh, yeah, call him Miller Genuine.

(Watch for the release of ULA cd's, in both rousing Kingston Trio version and more laid-back reggae style.)

"Oh, yeah, call him Miller Genuine."

A. Swift said...

A wild-eyed loser, the King
Wanted to rock, but couldn't sing.
He tried to start a band
but their playing was bland
so they watched as he yanked on his thing.

King said...

We're doing exactly what we've set out to do-- our mission-- which is to draw attention to underground writers.
Why does this bother you so?
Afraid of competition?
MGD doesn't see that, yes, publicity is a big part of what we're about.
Some are afraid of it.
And some are not.

King said...

p.p.s. Bring your poetry to our event Monday, Overdog, and we'll see how good you are!
(I suspect not very. As neither must be Mr. Lopate or we would have accepted our challenge, like a good sport.)

M.D.G. said...

Karl, if you are to call yourself a writer, it would help to learn to write. If I posted this crap you are writing I would shoot myself. And your weak attempt at an insult only shows everyone how bad of a writer you really are and insults you. The fact is Karl you know you'll never make it as a writer. You are just trying to ride on someone elses back. I have not taken the side of the establishemnt. I mearly stated that his statement was accurate. That you have given up writing as you should and become a meer P.R. man. Now if you don't mind I will leave this conversation. My shuttle awaits. Fairwell U.L.A..

King said...

MGD, you sure take your time saying goodbye!
Yes, I am the ULA's publicity person. That's my job in this organization. To put our project across, I've set aside my own writing, for the most part, temporarily. (Still have the occasional serious post up-- like my "Zytron" series last August. Have you read it?)
The sad part of dealing with you, Mike, is that here I am, eager and willing to promote underground writers. I have some small talent at publicity. (If nothing else, the strength of my voice.)Do I get paid for this? No way. Yet I do it anyway, because I believe in the cause and I believe in underground writers.
Those who flee from the opportunity certainly aren't hurting me! There are other writers to be found anyplace.

Ricky Joe Sanchez said...

The reason why people can't get along in this world is that they don't like each other!

A. Swift said...

True, that.