Tuesday, August 29, 2006

August Winner

************This Month's Winner************
**********Demi-Puppet of the Month*********
*************Marisha Pessl*****************

Pessl's confusion is shown in her conclusion to her hyped novel. Marisha admits that what's she's just written is crap; not the genuine article. She concedes it's second-hand game-playing, not the authentic voice of experience (offered undiluted and unprocessed by undergrounders). Have any of the critics praising the book noticed this? They couldn't pause to. They had a job to do. Now get out of their way as they elbow themselves to the head of the stampeding trend-following herd of cattle rushing to be on the right side of Literature's newest designated great young novelist.

Marisha Pessl deserves the award for giving the flacks of the establishment hope that their tottering empire can still produce an important work. (At least until they read the book!)

Runner-up: Erika Schickel.

(Phillip Lopate the cartoon establishment attack dog is upset that he didn't win the award this month. All that groveling for naught! Maybe next month, chump.)

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