Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Reason to Vomit


Head Aristocrat, Poster Boy of Literary Corruption, the darling of rich tax-shelter foundations and conglomerates, Rick Moody, has written the Foreword to Soft Skull's The Literary Press and Magazine Directory 2006/2007, a catalogue of small independent publications.

He begins: "This is a foreword that means to incite!"
He ends: "This book means to incite! Take back your means of production, maker and consumer of American literature! It belongs to you!"

Could they have gotten no one else to write the Foreword except the one person with the least credibility on the subject? Who needs real DIY undergrounders? We don't exist, don't ya know. (Moody seems to be everywhere. Is he a real person? The establishment must have two dozen Rick Moody clones floating about.)

Hey rich guy, incite the lit world by giving back all the grant money you've gobbled up for yourself.


- Leopold said...

Does Moody have a soul? A brain? Does he not realize that everything he does makes him look shameless, sleazy and without one redeeming virtue? Or does he just not care?

And Soft's been no secret that they are far from the underground, independent joint they paint themselves to be (rather a faux underground, independent joing for the faux folks who like to pretend they're underground and independent), but this is a sad, sad low.

Personally I think Moody is jealous that some goody, goody nobody Marisha Pessl won the August Demi-Puppet of the Month and wants to make sure he clinches the Sept issue. But he doesn't understand that he reserves a special place amongt the top for only the most souless, corrupt and morally bankrupt lit-wannabes!

Tao Lin said...

"Take back your means of production."

the means of production for a writer is the person's brain i think

JDF said...
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