Friday, September 01, 2006


Before posting about the latest Rick Moody matter I sent an e-mail to Soft Skull publisher Richard Nash asking him about having Rick Moody, of all people, write the Foreword to the small press directory.

Nash was generous to respond but the reply was stunning in its condescension. He said the CLMP (Council of Literary Magazines and Presses) suggested Moody, but he approved of the selection. Nash called me "grandiose" for thinking anyone would consider the ULA before making such a choice, and found it "amusing" that I would think such decision a "slap in the face" to the ULA, as I'd put it to him in my e-mail; amusing that this notion should ever occur to him.

I have nothing against Soft Skull (even sent them an invite to our "Howl" protest), so I was taken aback by the e-mail's dismissive tone. I'll post it here when I can so you can judge it for yourself.

Meanwhile I plan to contact CLMP. Amazing the tight relationship Rick Moody has with so many foundations.

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