Friday, September 08, 2006


I've received an e-mail from Jeffrey Lependorf, Executive Director at Council of Literary Magazines and Presses, to a pair of questions I asked him. I'll be posting his full e-mail (and that of Richard Nash of Soft Skull) early next week.

In his note, Lependorf reveals to me that "Small publishers do not operate in competion with their larger, commercial counterparts."

Really? I guess, again, we're all on the same side. Jeffrey Lependorf's remarks show complete harmony between the small press and the monopolists. There is no questioning their dominance. Everyone thinks alike.

Lependorf is expressing the perspective of the Big Guys. The small press isn't even trying to compete with them. (The small press is more in the role of helpless dependents on life support, grateful for anything which comes through the tube.)

"Small press publishers do not operate in competition with their larger, more commercial counterparts"??

Lependorf can say this because the monopolies totally dominate the market. They have no competition. (An industry without competition?) NO ONE is presenting competing ideas.

No one except the Underground Literary Alliance.


- Leopold said...

Amen. But along with the ULA, Red Fez, litvision, the Guerilla Poetics Project are gearing for a fight. We've got talent, justice and bloodlust on our side.

That .0001% will never enjoy the taste of meat because they've never had to fight for it. The same reason their writing is without life. But we've got hunger, baby.

M.D.G. said...

Bravo, bravo, glad you're around to protect all us little guys and fight the big bad capitalist system on your own Karl. I surely could not take up such a struggle. But hey the facist are all here to do it for our own good. Thank you Karl and let me just finish by saying, you are the underground sir. There is no underground that does not pass through you. uh huh and COVERTPOETICS!

- Leopold said...

What's the deal, MDG? I just listed three underground projects that have nothing to do with Karl...

M.D.G. said...

Yes this is the truth and I gots a little project myself that I'm involved with myself. The point is Leopold why did you have to list these things? You had to say what you are doing because some self-centered windbag that wants to act like he is for the people wants to act like he is the only show in town, and covers the whole underground. Sir I have been very good lately and stayed quiet for way too long. I will not stand back and let this jerk act like he is the only person that is doing anything. Obviousely you couldn't do it either. I don't know about you Leopold but I for one do not need Karl speaking for me or acting like he is speaking for me. I am part of the underground writers of america and I can think and speak for myself thanks. Like I said every good facist will act like they're acting for your own good. My comment had nothing to do with you. I guess you feel the need to defend Karl. Oh well, the watchdogs are loose.

King said...

What a crackpot!
You have your own site to run me down all you want. Do your thing, and good luck to you. Meanwhile I'm going after the Big Dogs.

King said...

p.s. People behave as if there is something wrong with solidarity-- of uniting beneath one name or one banner,when in truth it's the only chance any of us have.
I'm reminded of when the Roman Empire, in the person of Caesar (a real fascist!)was conquering the Gauls, taking them over piece by piece. A Gallic warrior named Vercingtorix began to organize to stop this. His goal: uniting the tribes, so they would have some kind of chance against a ruthless, organized machine. Other chieftains complained about his actions. "What right do you have to organize us? Who put you in charge?"
Vercingtorix replied to their narrow-mindedness (they didn't see the real threat of the Romans gathering force behind them):
"By the right that I'm doing it! Someone had to come forward."
It was a close-run battle-- but yes, Vercingtorix was betrayed by those who should have been his allies in the fight; who couldn't see that he was on their side. What they got instead: extinction or slavery.
Where is my power? Establishment publications refuse to print my letters. I'm published nowhere else but on this blog and on the ULA site. Most lit-bloggers aren't allowed even to speak of me! I remain among the lowliest and most marginalized of writers. ALL I have is my voice. No is going to tell me to stop using it. Not you Mike. Not anybody. Get used to it, chump. I'm not going away.
Note the new Monday Report on the revamped ULA site. There is a lot of corruption to expose. That Report is only the beginning of the ULA's renewed campaign.

M.D.G. said...

I never asked you to go away Karl, and no I do not do a website just to run you down. That's your arrogence talking. And I'm sure Frank Walsh says I do a website to spite him. The fact is I was doing a website that was taken down by the man before I even knew you. I have been doing websites for years. I would never ask you to stop. What I would ask of you is to stop speaking as if you are speaking for us all. That's like the President speaking for america. You sir do not represent me. I like you will keep doing what I do. Just stop being this self important expert. That's the media's job. And remember Karl artists are still allowed to act individualy. I'll be leaving you alone now.

- Leopold said...


I post on this blog because I like it. Karl speaks for a lot of underground and independent artists because he's eloquent and right. I read this blog because Karl does a better job speaking for the underground movement than anyone else I've come across. If you disagree, that's fine. Nowhere have I seen Karl say he is the only one covering the underground. That's a bit of your own psychosis peeking through.

And two of those sites I mentioned have nothing to do with me either. I post about them because I want to spread the word and show that, no matter what the snoterati and conglomerates say (or refuse to say), we're still here and we're growing.

King said...

I don't represent you, MDG. I've never forced anyone to join the ULA, nor to remain. The entire principle of the ULA is that we're free agents-- freely cooperating.
People can join the ULA or not. The only thing we offer is the opportunity to make literary history by doing what's right.
If I have to fight the battle alone I will. As I protested the Book Awards fiasco alone. To steal a quote from a fovorite movie of mine, "I've been alone before!"
I want by my side only equals. I have along with me in the fight some good ones-- yes, like Walsh.
I stand by what I said in the post. No one besides the ULA is taking on the literary monopolists, confronting their conformity, exposing their corruption directly, taking them on face-to-face.
Best of luck to those on the sidelines.

M.D.G. said...
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M.D.G. said...

Psychosis? He said once again that he is the only one fighting the literary establishment but I have this psychosis. I am waking up everyday sharpening my craft living as an underground artist. That my friends is the ultimate rebelion against an establishment that is ignoring you. That would probably take your slant Leo and call us crazy. Perseverance, that my friends is rebelion. And what is talk without action behind it but just talk? Yes there is an underground out there. A huge underground that someone like Karl could never know much less represent. I am doing my job here on the "sidelines" nurturing, building. That is what I am here to do, and I must say I am not doing so bad hosting a poetry reading and working with people in place that when I was growing up was the national headquarters for the KKK. A place that when I arrived there was nothing here. We little people on the "sidelines" are doing just fine. I would like to take this time to thank Karl for his well wishes to us on the "sidelines", and to Leo for his concern of my psychosis. We're all good here baby.