Monday, September 25, 2006


A PREMISE of this campaign was that all we had to do was expose the literary system's intrinsic corruption and the entire rotten structure would come tumbling down. The plan assumed a minimum level of conscience among members of the literary and publishing worlds. This assumption may have been wrong.


- Leopold said...

I'd say the largest stumbling blocks to this campaign are

1) total acceptance of graft, corruption and cliquish myopia by the 'established' literary circles, as you point out and

2) general apathy on the part of the public and, particularly, media. A lot of this apathy, no doubt aided by terrible stewardship by the aforementioned 'established' literary circles.

It makes the struggle more difficult than originally envisions, but perhaps doubly worth fighting!

Adam Hardin said...

Foetry did it in the poetry world, and they were met with a backlash of anger that now has subsided into a resounding silence. Nothing has really changed.

Foetry now is kind of dead, because they are not like the ULA in having a spirit and purpose that reaches far beyond exposing corruption, but to revive and bring back real Literature through the underground.

The apathy of the public is true. But if Harry Potter can get the kids to read those big fat novels, then there is still hope for the ULA and Literature in bringing back the power of Literature to the general public and not a few literary elite .

If you see Foetry and its now stagnation, you know we will never win them over, even when they are exposed are frauds and neoptists, but we can win over the public.

Bukowski did it. It is very real and very possible.

Frank Marcopolos said...

I also think it's really difficult to get people stirred up about ANYTHING these days, perhaps due to the anesthetic of television's omnipotence, or the lack of a draft, or whatever it might be. So I would think it would be doubly tough to get people stirred up about literary matters, when even bloody wars for blatantly made-up reasons don't even get people riled up.

Bruce Hodder said...

You lads and lasses may not have changed the system, but you HAVE made things livelier, and stimulated debate, and forced people to come out into the open with spurious defences of their positions. Which is an admirable achievement in itself, though you may not have done (yet!) everything you have intended to.

And once an idea is born it can never be killed.

So I for one applaud you.

chapman said...
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