Thursday, September 21, 2006

New Book Review!

Finally! Literary reviews from outside the established machine.
Check them out at:


King said...

(As you can see by our three new reviews-- from myself, Philly novelist Lawrence Richette, and ULA Chief Editor Steve Kostecke-- we'll be offering a true variety of opinions and topics; the kind of reviewing you won't find anywhere else.)

Brooklyn Frank said...

cool! i've always thought this was something that the ULA should be doing.

i found these reviews to be well-written, insightful, and most of all VALUABLE in a society where most reviews live side-by-side with ads paid for by the companies publishing the very books being reviewed.

awesome. muchos kudos.

-Frank Marcopolos
Editor Emeritus (ha), The Whirligig

King said...

Thanks, Frank. Much appreciated.
Good luck with your own project, which looks, er, interesting.
p.s. I've started being attacked again anonymously in another part of the Internet-- which shows that the ULA's opponents lack all scruples. They've had opportunity to present their case here, under their own names, and declined to make it.
What can one say about such people?
They have all the power in the lit-world and are determined to ruthlessly keep it. A sad state of affairs.

Brooklyn Frank said...

yeah, i decided to do some comedic writing. hope you'll tune in every once in a while for a chuckle. you'll need it after butting heads with the lit establishment all day!