Sunday, September 17, 2006

ULA Future

The Underground Literary Alliance has two big announcements upcoming.
Stay tuned to this station!

On Other Fronts:
--will be a new feature on this blog, wherein I examine the current condition and possibilities of zeens/zines.

Note: I consider myself not a writer, but a zeenster. There's a distinction. Yes, I write, in almost every form: essay, fiction, poetry. But I enjoy creating vehicles for my writings. What started as a necessity to get my thoughts out there became a pleasure, in many ways a vocation. I love creating titles of large graphic letters; designing covers; laying out my words on pages in unique ways. I enjoy marketing and selling my own products. By the nature of their craft, zeensters are more well-rounded than mere writers, with better understanding of the full production of the literary art.

I've never stopped producing zeens, throughout my tenure in the ULA; from ambitious projects like Zeen Beat to quick one-shots like War Hysteria! (which sold extremely well), to simple double-sided one sheet free broadsides like The ULA Herald and New Poetry Express.
Up Next: I begin work soon on Literary Fan Magazine #3.

"Crimson and Clover" by Tommy James. Is he in the Rock Hall of Fame yet?
Non-rocker James Taylor is. Unbelievable.

The new issue out today (I read someone's copy at a coffee shop) includes these thrilling highlights:
1.) A rave review of the lethargically-paced memoir The Mystery Guest by self-obsessed French writer Gregoire Boulliere. (Earn chi-chi cred by buying a copy now!)
2.) A positive review of a new book by fake-zinester Pagan Kennedy, a mediocre writer whose zine work in the 90's was far outdone by more explosive zeen talents, including many "riot grrrls." What Pagan had going for her were enough connections to get her flimsy zine work excerpted in Village Voice; that's all.
3.) A laughable review by Vanity Fair's Michael Wolff of a book about "How America's Ruling Class Buys Its Way into Elite Colleges" by Daniel Golden. (Sounds like stating the obvious.) Wolff, who admits he's spending $1.7 million for his pampered snots' "tuition and other unavoidable add-on," makes comical assertions throughout, including the ridiculous statement that "you probably can't get elected if you went to Harvard; George Bush is president in part because he made himself so anti-Yale." In other words, Wolff says that neither school counts.

Really!?? But, Mr. Wolff, nine out of the last ten major party presidential candidates were graduates of Harvard or Yale-- or, as with George W. Bush, of both.

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