Thursday, August 17, 2006

ULA Action

The ULA's temporary stagnation shows what happens to a group which becomes too dependent on one aspect, such as a web site. To counteract this dependence I'm restarting our snail-mail PR campaign which was so successful in our first days.

To supplement the arguments on this blog I'll be mailing colorful well-reasoned one-page arguments to a variety of lit-establishment targets-- to let them know the ULA campaign is ongoing. Our purpose as a group-- the reason the ULA was created-- is to lobby for the cause of underground writers. For instance: What good are Lefty magazines like The Nation if they give attention and publicity only to conglomerate monopoly writers from the MonoClass? We need to call them on their hypocrisy.

I plan to issue these mailings monthly. They will be strictly external to the ULA; part of our activist campaign. Mailings designed to strengthen the ULA's unity are the arena now of others in the ULA, including new Director Patrick King.

Any demi-puppet or Overdog can ensure receiving the new broadsides by sending $5 cash (or check payable to K. Wenclas) for 12 issues to me at PO Box 42077, Philadelphia PA 19101. (This covers my expenses.) Include a name or title and address-- whether for yourself or for any publishing/literary/academy person or office you want to receive them. The outbursts will name names and are guaranteed to be exciting.

This is a new team within the ULA team. Its purpose will be to generate focused pro-ULA propaganda, through snail mail or e-mail, on a consistent basis. Other ULAers are welcome to sign on board. For now this unit has one member: me.

The renewed noise is only beginning.


King said...

I'll be reopening comments on this blog on a very short-term basis.
All spam posts from nonexisting or unknown identities will be swiftly deleted.

Bruce Hodder said...

Glad you're reopening comments, King. I'd love to watch you tangle with your detractors on these pages--if any of them have the nerve to post (which I doubt).

Thanks for the link, by the way.

Anonymous said...

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